About Covers

Whether travelling with your Dinghy, parking it at the boat park, or just protecting it from the elements, using a boat cover is essential.

With many different styles of boat covers and  materials to choose from, at typhoon covers you'll be able to find a boat cover that fits your needs.


Which Cover ?


Boom up or Overboom Cover

If leaving your boat parked at the club for most of the season.  It Fits over the boom reducing water collection on to the cover.

it has openings for mast, shrouds, forestay

Features a drawstring and straps for under the boat.


Flat Cover with the  Mast Up

the most versatile cover, useful when the mast  when parked or mast down for traverling

Fits flat over the dinghy with openings for mast, shrouds and forestay

Features a drawstring and straps for under the boat.


Trailing Cover

Used on unstayed masted dinghies eg.  oppy, Topper or Laser etc.  or for  travelling, as you are able to store your equipment inside.

Has no openings for mast, shrouds or forestay. Features a drawstring and straps for under the boat.


Under Covers

Used for trailing, your boat, protects from water and dirt from the roads, also stone chips and diesel fumes

Drawstring top and webbing straps for a tight fit





PVC  Polyester  450 gsm

Its light weight makes it easy to handle and the tight weave of the fabric really keeps out the fine dust, and is excellent for areas with high UV problems.

Is a high quality hardwearing, non shrinking  fabric, pliable, easy to handle.

It's waterproofness has good abrasion resistance  chemical resistance to withstand fungus, rotting from bird droppings



Now you can have protection from the elements and a quality, long lasting

appearance all in one. WeatherMax is designed to be water tight and breathable.

Our exclusive HydroMax finish delivers unsurpassed water repellency and mildew

resistance maintaining the fabric's natural breathability. Engineered for long-term color

and strength retention, WeatherMax® outperforms and outlasts other marine fabrics -

including acrylics and solution-dyed polyesters. This lightweight, easy-to-handle fabric is

unmatched in appearance and provides superior performance.


Waterproof fabric 7oz

Used for under covers  the material is 100% polyester fabric back coated with polyurethane PU inherently treated, this gives the fabric a waterproof barrier resistant to water and block out rain, wide range of uses, outdoor apparel, jackets, raincoats, macks, umbrellas, rain sheets, ground sheets, rainwear, tents, sports clothing, pet clothing, pet bedding, durable and washable at 30c.


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