Team Offerman

Manus & Willemijn Offerman (NED2878) ended up on27 May in 4th place at the UK RS Feva Nationals at Weymouth and were the top overseas team.

At the prize giving they were very pleasantly surprised to receive 3 brilliant prizes from Typhoon covers: covers for both foils and a fantastic top cover for the boat. Ideal prizes for Manus & Willemijn because they didn’t have foil bags and their top cover leaked!

So what happened at the UK Nationals? Read the Manus & Willemijn story here.

“Last year at the RS Feva Worlds we were taken by the fantastic results of the British teams. Of the top ten teams 7 came from Great Britain. We finished 26th. That autumn we gave ourselves the target for 2014 of coming in the top 10 at Carnac. That’s why we practices all through winter under the care of of Alex Breuseker, an ex Olympic sailor. With him we worked hard at boathandling, communications and tactics. In our regatta planning it was logical to take part in the UK Nationals in order to match ourselves with the best in the world. We wanted to know where we stood and what we needed to do better”, according to Willemijn.

“Truthfully, we were overwhelmed by the fact that we ended up in 4th place. At the end of the day we were very proud and happy with this result. In particular the first days racing, when we were 2nd three times and also were in the lead in each race against top opposition, was a very pleasant surprise” said Manus.

In Weymouth we loved the the fantastic sailing weather, the great accommodation and the well oiled race organization. The length of the races was good and there were sufficient pauses where we could get input from our coach Jonathan Lewis. Thank you Jonathan for all your care and tips!

 What we found in particular in sailing with British teams was their mentality. All sailors were fanatical during a race, but also gave each other space and respect. Giving each other compliments, even if you didn’t win is completely normal here. That creates a lovely atmosphere! We want to thank all the sailors for this!

Typhoon Covers asked us if we had any tips of own for people:

-          Sail with respect for each other

-          Take care to be well prepared, a good nights rest and good nutrition

-          If you are in the lead: remain calm and focused and be careful not to make sloppy mistakes.

-          If you are at the back try taking a different course to all the others (for example, if everyone has gone right then take the risk of going left – you can only win by it)

-          If you had a bad race, don’t wallow in pity or anger; switch it around, because there are new races and more chances

-          You don’t have to win each race to do well overall. Consistent top 10 results is better that wildly variable results

-          Give each other something in the fleet; don’t sail to prevent others from performing, the shortest route isn’t always the fastest. You can take a little loss, for example you can follow someone and then later overtake them

-          Make sure you enjoy your sailing and remember: you loose more often than you win!


Until next time on the water! Tot ziens op het water!


Manus en Willemijn Offerman (Ned2878)www.teamofferman.nl






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